Training Day

Atlanta’s nightlife contributes significantly to the city’s economy.
In order to continue to sustain a thriving nighttime economy, the
right investments need to be made to ensure that, both, patrons
and staff continue to remain safe. One way to do so is by being
proactive and preventative. Training Day will be a quarterly event
hosted by
 Mayor Andre Dickens, the City of Atlanta and Atlanta
Mayor’s Office of Film & Entertainment that will consist of a
series of workshops engaging nightlife industry leaders with city
agencies to learn and communicate about policy + regulatory
information in the nighttime industry.


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How To De-Escalate a Violent Altercation
Active Shooter Response
Nightclub Security Training + Best Practices

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Training Day Workshop Descriptions

How to De-Escalate A Violent Altercation

In this experiential training tailored to the hospitality industry, participants learn de-escalation  skills that could prevent a physical altercation. The training will also cover how to interact with patrons who may be intoxicated. Additionally, the training will provide best practices on how to be proactive when interacting with unruly patrons.

Active Shooter Training

Due to an increase in active shooter incidents and the swiftness with which
they unfold, it is imperative to now prepare ourselves, our co-workers, families, and communities. This course will focus on how to be prepared and gain the skills needed to prevent, recognize, and increase your ability to survive during an active shooter incident. This course will provide details on what behaviors to look for and who to contact to prevent an active shooter incident. You will also learn how to make educated life-saving decisions regarding which actions to take during an active shooter incident.

Active Shooter Response
Security Training

This workshop course is designed to provide comprehensive and easy to understand information to ensure the safety of both the employee and the customers. The workshop will help you ensure your employees are operating at the highest level, reduces violence, prevents police intervention, avoids civil lawsuits, and even lower your insurance rates.

Security Training